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Why Meritide Visa is one of the Best Immigration Consultants in India?


Why Meritide Visa is one of the Best Immigration Consultants in India?

One of the prime reasons for migrating to a different country is growth prospects, both personal and professional. Canada is a country that is highly accepting of immigrants culturally, and it also offers myriad opportunities in all the sectors professionally. There are certain provinces where few professions are in major demand, and when planning to shift, if you choose the province in line with your profession, then your career graph will definitely see an upward shift. Further, Canada offers highly incredible health care facilities, low crime rates, and lenient immigrant policies for the immigrants. Therefore, Canada is listed among the top ten countries to settle in the world.

The Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Status is allocated to immigrants who apply through Federal Express Entry System, the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) of Quebec province, and various other Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The PR Visa is a lucrative family visa that is valid for a period of five years. The benefits of the PR are very similar to the full citizen rights of Canada with good health care and free education facilities. Further, after three years of continuous living in Canada on PR, the candidate is eligible to apply for Full Canadian Citizenship.

Let us study these three ways of Canada PR status in detail –

Express Entry Program

Under the Express Entry program, the applicant can apply for a PR in Canada online. The Express Entry Program is a fast mode that invites skilled workers through three subcategories- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW), Federal Skills Traders program, and Canadian Experience Class(CEC). Introduced in January 2015 and is one of the easiest ways to apply for a PR status in Canada. It is a point-based evaluation of the candidate's eligibility based on his age, language ability, educational qualification, and work experience. After the applicant has created an online profile from the pool, the applicant is selected as per the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score requirement selected by the IRCC in the Express Entry draw. There are 60 days given to respond after the ITA is received.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows PR status to the candidate for a province for which the candidate meets the eligibility criteria. It is important to note that every area in Canada has its eligibility criteria for attaining PR status, and these requirements are based on the labor market requirement. The provincial nomination allows the applicant with the right to settle in that province only, which had given it the nomination. Where the laws are very flexible, and after staying in the nominated province for two years, the applicant is free to relocate anywhere in the country.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

QSWP is a provincial Nominee Program, especially for the Quebec province. Under this program, the Quebec region's PR status is acquired; for this, first, the approval is sought from the Quebec province, and after that, the approval is sought by the federal government. It plays a lot of importance in rejuvenating the francophone community, and it is the cultural baton holder of Canada.

Why hiring a professional ICCRC approved Immigration consultant is essential?

Keen on having skilled applicants immigrate; The Canadian government has made the process of migrating to Canada way easier than before. But still, immigration is a legal process, and there could be a lot of technical issues that might arise in the process; therefore, it is best to apply for PR status with a consultant's help rather than on your own. The reasons for doing this are -

  • You can avoid any rejection of your application
  • The processing of the application will be faster
  • You will be updated with the latest trends and will choose the best option for yourself
  • smooth handling of the application
  • The good representation will act as a perfect mentor


Some people have scored as little as 400 CRS points, and they are left clueless about their options. In such cases, one can apply for PNP, where skilled workers are invited at a score of 400 or even less. But, it is a piece of information that only a good consultancy firm will provide. Thus, always ensure that you get the best in the industry for your representation.

How to determine that you have hired the best consultancy for yourself?

Choosing the right consultant to take your case is the main defining line between selecting and accepting your application. The right consultancy firm is the best thing that can happen to you and can make all the difference to your case. The safe journey starts with the program that you have selected and ends with how you finally file your profile. Mentors help you choose from the different options available.

When selecting the consultancy firm, it is best to choose one based on merit rather than the amount they charge. It is always the best that comes at a good cost, and opportunities lost once might not strike again.

  • Always look for the registration - ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is the immigration regulatory body of Canada, and a registered consultancy will be a reliable one.
  • See if your selected immigration service has a good success record. Only those with credible cases in their background will help you receive optimal results.
  • It creates reliability if the consultancy is operating from a fixed geographical location, that is, they have a permanent office setting. This creates credibility and a professional attitude.
  • Check the additional services that are offered to you and compare them to the services provided by others.
  • Your selected consultancy should have complete knowledge of the whole immigration process.


What makes Meritide Visa the best ICCRC Immigration Consultancy in India?

  • We have one of the best track records of successful applications. there are over 7000 applicants who have been placed due to our holistic services
  • We have a considerable number of experience in immigration consultancy and thus we have created and brand image of our own
  • We provide adequate and personalized attention to all our clients based on their needs and requirements. Thus less processing time for the application.
  • We provide complete consultation to our clients, thus leading you smoothly to Canada
  • We gave seasoned professionals to take care of all the requirements of the clients for immigration. We aim to use all our resources and connections to help your case.


Thus, with so many exceptional services offered, it is no surprise that we are the first choice for many for consultancy. We have a very transparent and effective immigration process, and we offer a variety of benefits to every client.

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