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What the Ways to Immigrate to America?

America, the land of opportunities, development, exposure, and diversification; It is the country where the Statue of Liberty stands tall not just metaphorically but also literarily. Thus if you a desiring appellant who is looking to migrate to the country, there are different ways through which you can visit, work and live in the country.

On June 22, 2020, The United States President Donald Trumps issued an executive order where the foreign nations will have limited entry into the USA, but with the change in Power and Joe Biden becoming the new United State President such restrictions, especially of the H1b1 Visas have been lifted, and the several options have been opened again to help the people relocate to America.

The core categories through which aspirants can move to America are –

  • Temporary Visa.
  • Permanent resident Visa.

Temporary Visa

There are a lot of people from around the world who are applying for US work visas, and the job market in America is actually under pressure to select adequate and suitable applicants from the solid talent pool, which has been a steady spur of employment so far.

Some of the popular temporary Visa options are –

This Visa is designed to help Canadians or Mexicans move to America provided that they have a job offer letter with them under the United States Mexico Canada Agreement ( USMCA NAFTA) Agreement. It is the fastest process for the US work visa and the most attractive one as well. To be selected, the appellant will also have to provide their educational qualifications along with work experience and proof of citizenship.

This is the most beneficial work visa for those who are expanding their business in the US or are transferring their existing business to America. It is a work visa for employees who are working for those companies that are stationed outside America. A big company can have a branch or subsidiary or a joint venture in America. The L1 Visa is divided into two parts –

  • L- 1A - Nonimmigrant visa that allows the US employer to transfer any executive or manager in the US office.
  • L – 1B- Nonimmigrant visa that allows the US employer to transfer an employee with Specialized knowledge to one of its offices in the USA.

Those individuals who wish to invest in a USA business or are looking for a business expansion they are eligible for the E1 or E2 visa. They are business owners and investors who need to meet the qualification and eligibility requirements for selection. The E1 Visa is for traders, and the E2 Visa is for investors and owners. In most cases, the amount for the E2 Visa is at least $ 1000000 USD. However, it could be less also for some cases.

A new H – 1B visa selection process is effective from March 9, 2021, and has been modified to meet the prioritized wage and economic interest of America. It allows foreign workers to work in specialized occupations for US employers. Most of the people who received the H- 1B visa of America are those who are highly qualified and are well educated. To be selected for the H1 B visa of the USA, the appellant should have a job offer from a US employer where the salary should be as per the “ prevailing wage “ in America, and the correct background of the job would be provided. The processing time for the Visa ranges from 9 to 14 weeks, and the H1 B visa is allotted to you, the applicant, for a period of up to 6 years.

The H- 2 B visa is a temporary visa for a Nonagricultural work permit where the appellants who are skilled and unskilled can both qualify. Unlike the H1 B visa, which is only for skilled workers, Currently, the Cap of 66,000 Per year has been set for the H2 B visa of America, and the appellant with this Visa can stay for a maximum of three years in America. To apply for this Visa, one will have to submit an appellation in a temporary labor certification to DOL and submit Form 1 – 129 to USCIS.

US Permanent Visa options

There are three common ways to become permanent residents in America

The American Citizens and the permanent residents are allowed to get their families in the US, and the family-based petitions allow the individuals to be sponsored in America. The Sponsor can get his husband or wife, unmarried child under 21 year, mother or Father of you are at least 21 years old and also Brother or sister provided you are above 21 years

Depending on what your situation is, the applicant can also apply for US green care using the family-based petition. Certain relatives can petition you for a green card in America.

You can get a US employer to petition you for permanent residency in America. In most cases, there is a lot of appellants who are already in America on the L1 Visa or H1 B visa. If you have the right combination of skills, education, and work experience, then you can easily migrate to Canada and live permanently in the country through employment-based petitions. Form 1 – 140 needs to filled to apply for such category, and there are different streams under this as well – EB 1- priority workers, EB 2 – professionals and Persons of Exceptional Ability, EB 3 – skilled and unskilled Workers professional, EB 4 – certain Special Immigrants and EB 5 - immigrant investors.

This is created to help foreign investment come into the country. The interested appellant should be ready to invest in an existing business in America or establish a new business in the country. For this, the appellant should have invested at least $ 1.8 million in the business. Also, the business should be able to create employment or at least 1o Us nationals. It is not simple to invest in America to get a Green card; thus, the appellant should always hire a reliable immigration consultant to help with the proceedings.

What are the other visa options for the USA?

Visitor Visa

There is also a B2 visa, or the USA tourist or visitor visa where the aspirants can temporarily visit the country for tourism, pleasure, medical treatment, or even visiting someone in America. for this, the appellant will have to undergo the following things –

  • The appellant will prove that the visit is temporary; the appellant will display the intention to depart from America once there is the end of the stay. The applicant will hold a valid foreign passport.
  • The applicant will maintain a residence abroad to which he will return after the expiry of a period.
  • The applicant will be able to support his family financially during the stay in the country.

Work Visa

There are different ways to work in America and gain employment legally; some of the are permanent ways, and the other ones are temporary ways to be in America. The few categories which are listed below can help the applicant choose the pathway for himself depending on requirements of exchange work visa or seasonal work visa etc.

These options are –

  • L1 Visa - foreign nations who wish to transfer to a new or existing US business.
  • E2 and E1 Visa permits - It is for investors and traders..
  • H-1 B visa permit- it is for specific occupations.
  • H- 2B visa Permit – It is for non –agricultural workers.
  • EB 1 Green card – outstanding researchers and professors.
  • EB2 green card permit – exceptional ability applicants.
  • EB 3 Green card permit – professional, skilled, and other workers.
  • EBH 4 – Green card permit – Special immigrants like the religious workers.

Study Visa

America has some of the best universities in the world, which are equipped with state- of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities. If you wish to become a full-time student in America, then there are two popular visas –

These options are –

  • F1 Visa
  • M1 Visa

There are certain requirements to qualify under the F1 and M1 Visa, and they are –

  • The appellant should be enrolled as a full-time student in an academic educational program, a language training program, or a vocational program
  • The appellant should be accepted in a school through the Student and Exchange visitor program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • The applicant should have the minimum required Proficiency in the English language; The appellant should have enough funds to meet the demands of the natural course and also manage accommodation and transport
  • The appellant should maintain the residence outside America and intent to return to it after the completion of the course

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