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    The recent Express Entry draw selected 183 PNP candidates

    The recent Express Entry draw selected 183 PNP candidates

    The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on 17 March invited 183 PNP candidates with a minimum CRS score of 682. It might appear to be a high sore requirement at first, but all those applicants who have already received the nomination from a province have a bonus of 600 points in their kitty; thus, they require a score of only 82 points in the original human capital score to make it through the cut off of the latest express entry draw.


    The Important Aspects of the draw – 17 March

    ·        ITA sent – 183

    ·        CRS score - 682


    The Latest Express Entry Draw 

    In the latest draw, the tie break rule was set before 4 March 2021 at 16:56:20 UTC. The tie break rule is designed to help those applicants meet the criterion who have the same points core requirement. The cut-off time for the Tiebreak rule is set as an administrative requirement.


    This latest draw is the second PNP-specific draw of Express entry. Prior to this, the draw was held on 8 March, in which 671 PNP applicants were selected to apply for permanent residency. There are 38,840 Invitations to Apply (ITA) that have been issued so far in 2021, and it is three times higher than the ITAs issued by the IRCC around the same time last year. As the year 2020 was a year of low immigration targets, this year is expected to be a year of ambitious targets where 401000 newcomers will be welcomed in 2021. A lot of invitations came from IRCC on Saturday, 13 February, in which 27332 ITAs were issued, and it was the biggest express entry draw ever where the CRS score requirement was set at low 75 points. Every single applicant who was in the Canadian Experience Class was expected to apply for permanent residency in that draw.


    What is the Express Entry System of Canada Immigration?

    Express Entry System is an Immigration pathway in which the applicants can relocate in six months or even less in a certain case. The three streams through which the applicant can relocate are - Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.


    It is a point-based system in which the scores are calculated as per the credentials with the help of the point calculator Comprehensive Ranking System tool. The factors that help in point calculation are - age, educational qualification, level of work experience, and language ability in English or French. It is the high-scoring applicants who receive the ITA.


    There is no job offer required for immigration through Express entry; thus, it is one of the most popular pathways for immigration. Also, those appellants who are unable to meet the selection procedure of the Express entry need not lose hope as they can easily move through the Provincial nomination program. The selection of the applicant is additionally advantageous as it guarantees extra 600 bonus points in the subsequent Express entry score calculation.

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