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    Prince Edward Island (PEI) holds the largest draw of all times

    Prince Edward Island (PEI) holds the largest draw of all times

    Prince Edward Island (PEI) announces the details of the latest draw announced on 20th August 2020. In the draw, the province invited 305 applicants in Express Entry, Labor Impact, and Business Impact categories. This is the largest draw so far for the - Prince Edward Island (PEI) province.

    Province Prince Edward Island (PEI) announced the latest provincial nomination draw. The PEI province held two draws in the most of August, and one of the draws was the biggest draw in Pei's history.

    The first PEI PNP draw of August was held on 11th August 2020, in which only eight invitations were sent to express entry and labor impact categories. After this, August's second draw was on 20th August, which was also the largest Prince Edwards Islands draw ever. In this draw, 305 applicants were selected to express entry, Labor Impact, and Business impact categories.

    Important aspects of the draw- 20th August 2020

    • ITAs sent – 305
    • Business Impact – 28
    • Express Entry and Labor Impact – 277


    In the 20th August draw, there was no speculation on the Express Entry and Labor Impact's minimum point score requirement. There was also no demarcation provided on how many candidates are from the express entry and how many from the labor impact categories. However, for the business impact category selection, there was a clear score of EOI points 112 mentioned, and 28 candidates are selected from this category. These invitations were for the work permit stream from the foreign entrepreneurs, who would like to operate their own PEI.

    The PEI has clearly stated that the people who are currently living and working in Canada are shortlisted in this draw. The candidates who were selected are those who have filed the expression of Interest ( EOI) before June 2020.

    Candidates who received a Provincial nomination are also eligible for a 600 bonus point score in the federal express entry system. EOI profiles evaluate the applicants on the basis of EOI's unique point system, and the highest-scoring candidates get invited to the draws.

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