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    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with BC Premier John Horgan to discuss the early learning and child care agreement

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with BC Premier John Horgan to discuss the early learning and child care agreement

    In recent developments, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with British Columbia Premier John Horgan in Coquitlam and discussed pertinent issues like job creation, strengthening the middle class, and economic growth in British Columbia. The two prominent leaders talked about coming together to work towards the betterment of the province and especially focus on early learning and child care agreement in Canada.

    This step will help parents facilitate a good environment for children and also make life better and affordable. Women will be able to rejuvenate their careers while focusing on raising their families. As a part of the announcement, The Government of Canada will invest CAD 3.2 Billion over the next five years to improve children's learning and child care below the age of 6 in British Columbia. The aim will be to make the learning flexible, affordable, and inclusive. There is an aim of CAD 10 per child a day in the province. Also, By the end of 2021, British Columbians will see a 50 percent reduction in the amount of fees parent's pay for Children under the age of 6 in regulated child care.

    Among other issues, wildfires and extreme weather conditions were also discussed in British Columbia, and they aim to work together to keep communities safe and help them flourish. Through effective communication, channels of recovery and growth are opened with ease. There is a need to create impact, response, and recovery and it was well established in the meet.

    There were also discussions of the Investment in public transit infrastructure to help people get around faster, saving time, and good for the middle-class population. The government initiative to protect the environment, integrity, and Biodiversity was of supreme importance during the discussions about development. The Canadian Government doesn't want to hamper the environment while focusing on development in the province.

    Prime Minister Trudeau said that he is looking forward to Premier John Horgan's contribution in the next first minister Meeting, which will include finishing the fight against COVID 19 and also necessary developments in the province.

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