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    Ontario province released new instructions for submitting complete PNP applications

    Ontario province released new instructions for submitting complete PNP applications

    There are new instructions issued for applicants with profiles in Ontario's Expression of Interest system and Express Entry candidates. These new instructions are provided to future applicants with specific instructions, and it is applied for those in the provincial nominee program. 


    The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) applicants will send the complete applications to the province, and any missing applications will be returned. The new format is expected to decrease the Processing time of applications. These new conditions apply to the Ontario Express Entry and Expression of Interest candidates.


    Ontario Express Entry Streams

    Those applying under an Express Entry stream need to have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for points if they have a foreign degree. World Education Services (WES) is one of the government agencies that help in educational assessment. There is a list of approved agencies, and the candidate needs to undertake the process as per the guidelines. However, Ontario has only authorized WES from here on to allow the assessment. For those who have not got the assessment from WES, their application will from hereon be returned and rendered incomplete with the application fee refunded. It will make the applicant lose the opportunity to apply to the program 


    Expression of Interest: Attestation Form

    It is applicable for all those candidates who are applying under an Employer Job Offer stream. In this, the candidate will have to submit a PDF copy of the Attestation Form. The candidate needs to print the form and then sign it in ink before uploading it in the "Other" tab under Supporting Documents.


    Ontario Province will return an application as incomplete and refund the fee if there is no signed PDF copy of the attestation form. In this case, also the candidate will lose the opportunity of applying to the program for Immigration.


    Ontario province

    Ontario province has PNP streams that are strategically designed to meet the applicants who can effectively fulfil the labor shortage. The three core streams through which Ontario province fulfils the immigration needs are -

    • Ontario Human Capital
    • Ontario Employer Job offer
    • Ontario Business

    The Human capital stream emphasizes skills, abilities, and experience. it has different sub-streams such as Human capital priorities stream – Express entry, French-speaking Skilled worker – Express entry, Skilled trades- express entry, Masters graduate and Ph.D. graduate


    Ontario Employer Job offer helps those candidates with a valid job offer from an Ontario employer and it has three streams –Foreign worker, An international student with a job offer and In-demand skills


    Finally, the Ontario Stream is for entrepreneurs and corporations who are interested in investing in Ontario. The only active stream under this category is the entrepreneur stream.

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