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    Ontario Province announced the largest Expression of Interest draws to date

    Ontario Province announced the largest Expression of Interest draws to date

    On July 13, the Ontario Province held the Expression of Interest draws targeting foreign workers, international students, and candidates with a job offer in rural communities. It was the biggest draw by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) as1,685 candidates were picked from the new Expression of Interest (EOI) pool. The selected applicants needed to qualify for one of two Employer Job Offer streams. This is the largest draw through the Employer Job Offer streams in 2021, and with the draw, the total number of applicants selected from international students and temporary foreign workers has reached 1685 candidates number.


    The Important Aspects of the Draw:

    • Total Invites issued – 1685
    • Foreign Workers Stream – 1211
    • International Student Stream – 431
    • Regional Immigration Pilot program - 43


    In this draw out of 1685, there were 1,211 invitations issued through Foreign Worker Stream, and these applicants required a score of at least 33 points to be selected. It was a general draw that means there were no targeted occupations nor location requirements for this draw. Another 431 applicants were selected from the International Student Stream, and the EOI score required for selection was set at 62 points. There were also 43 invites from the Regional Immigration Pilot program, and these applicants may qualify for the same two Employer Job Offer streams.


    Along with the latest draw results, there were also fresh instructions issued on how a complete PNP application will be submitted. Among other details, there were instructions for those applying under the Employer Job Offer stream where a signed attested PDF copy needs to be submitted. If the form is not submitted as per the instructions, then the application will be returned as incomplete. The application fee is refunded in such a case.


    The Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream

    Ontario’s Employer Job Offer Foreign Worker Stream is for foreign nationals with an eligible job offer from an employer in Ontario. The candidate need not be present in Canada to apply; rather, they can apply from outside Canada as long as they fulfil the requirements. To be eligible, the candidate needs to have two years of work experience in a skilled occupation with an eligible job offer and an intention to live in Ontario, among other things.


    The applicant needs to register in an EOI profile which makes them enter the EOI pool; this will allow them a score based on their profile.


    The Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream

    The Ontario International Student Stream, which is under the Employer Job Offer category, is for skilled foreign nationals who have an eligible job offer from an employer in Ontario. The applicants who have completed their education from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution and also have an eligible job offer in Ontario with an intent to immigrate to the province are considered eligible under this program.


    What is the Regional Immigration Pilot?

    The Regional Immigration Pilot is designed to meet the labor shortages in rural communities. The province can allocate 150 nominations in 2021, and it can do so in three rural locations: Chatham-Kent, Cornwall, and Quinte West/Belleville. These communities demonstrated to the province that they have labor shortages in skilled occupations and the ability to help newcomers get settled.

    Those eligible in any of the OINP Employer Job Offer streams with a full-time job offer in one of the participating communities can get the provincial nomination.


    There are three Employer Job Offer streams:

    •         Foreign Worker Stream - workers with a skilled job offer in Ontario;

    •         International Student Stream - international students with skilled job offers; and

    •         In-Demand Skills Stream - workers in occupations that have labor shortages in Ontario.


    The Regional Immigration Pilot Program is designed to operate for two years before it is reviewed. It may be extended or discontinued based on its success rate.

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