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    Ontario Province will introduce an Expression of Interest system in 5 immigration streams

    Ontario Province will introduce an Expression of Interest system in 5 immigration streams

    Changes are in order for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) in 2021 for the registration system of some of its economic-class immigration streams. Earlier, the Ontario province had operated on the first-come-first-served model, but now it is moving towards the Expression of Interest (EOI) system.


    It is a points-based system where the applicants are ranked based on their credentials in human capital and labor market factors. There are other types of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that already use the EOI system for managing new registrants. It is contested that the new system will be fairer and much more predictable than the previous model used by Ontario.


    The new EOI system will be introduced in the following streams of OINP -

    • Employer Job Offer Category streams - Foreign Worker, International Student and In-Demand Skills;
    • Masters Graduate stream; and
    • Ph.D. Graduate stream.


    While the OINP is an evolving system, there are also streams that are closed to the new applicants, and these streams that are mentioned above come under the closed category. These streams are expected to reopen when the new EOI system is launched in the coming weeks. The OINP has not declared the date as of now, but it is expected to be soon.


    How will the EOI system change Ontario Immigration?

    The immigration streams of Ontario Province that are changing to an EOI registration system used to they used to function as Rushed seating. Ontario Province used to open its web portal and then accept registrations from people who would choose to relocate to Ontario through any of these Ontario PNPs. It was only for few minutes that these registration windows were open, and then they would become full. Apart from this, there were other issues as well, like technical difficulties in getting registered. However, there was an email dedicated by Ontario for the people who had faced technical difficulties; there were complaints that the system was being unfair, and the slow internet caused the opportunities to slip from the hands of eligible applicants.


    As the EOI is already used by most of the Other provinces where the applicants are expected to submit a resume of their work and experience, education, and any other information, and then provide a score. This system seemed fairer and much more acceptable than the other model. The high-scoring applicants are shortlisted in the Draw and are provided provincial nominations for permanent residence.


    In fall 2020, Ontario had accepted Public Suggestions and consultations on the proposed EOI system, and there were many positive feedbacks that were provided for this step. There were individuals, prospective applicants, employers, and many other professional associations who were in favor of such a step. An OINP spokesperson quoted in an email that a lot of respondents had accepted that the proposed EOI system is going to be fairer and much more predictable. He further added that people believe that the new system will be a much more user-friendly approach than the one that is followed at present.

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