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    The newest Express Entry draw of Canada invited 3,000 CEC candidates

    The newest Express Entry draw of Canada invited 3,000 CEC candidates

    Just one day after the PNP only draw was announced by the IRCC, on August 5th, the CEC only draw selected 3,000 Express Entry candidates for permanent residence. The minimum CRS score required was 404 points. It means the applicants who have 404 points or more are shortlisted for immigration. In the last CEC specific draw, the CRS requirement was 357, which is the second-lowest score requirement of the year. This time the IRCC has asked for a higher score.

    The Important Aspects of the Draw 

    ·        ITA - 3000

    ·        CRS - 404

    Candidates with the minimum requirement score are selected from the pool with the application of the tie break rule. It is an administrative requirement that helps select among the candidates who have the same CRS score requirement. The tie break rule for this Draw was set before August 3rd, 2021 at 05:39:26 UTC. All those applicants who had submitted the profile on or before the set date and time will be selected for immigration. 

    IRCC has been conducting Program-specific draws

    Since the pandemic has started, the IRCC has aimed to convert the temporary workers onto permanent residents and meet the immigration target. This step has been taken by the Canadian government to avoid the coronavirus pandemic hassled and rise in Canada. The vaccination rollouts and other travel restrictions have been highly effective in curtailing the cases in Canada. Since 90 percent of the CEC applicants already live in Canada, enrolling them as permanent residents can help meet the target and also labor demand. 

    The federal immigration target is 401,000 newcomers in 2021. In the first half of 2021, IRCC has invited 143,000 new permanent residents across all programs. Now to meet the target of 401,000 newcomers in 2021, Canada will have to invite 43,000 newcomers per month.

    Express Entry invitations Increasing year after year

    The number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in the past few years has almost doubled in comparison to other years. So far, in 2021, the Canadian government has already invited 102,316 Express Entry candidates.

    The minimum CRS score requirements have been up and down because of the nature of CEC- and PNP-only draws. CEC draws lower cutoffs as compared to the PNP draw because of the automatic 600 points allocation on receiving a provincial nomination.

    What is Express Entry?

    Express Entry program is for skilled workers and is a points-based selection system. The three sub-streams under this are - Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program. The Scores are calculated with the help of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool, and the factors that help are work experience, education, age, official language skills, and other factors. The total points are calculated out of 1200, and the high-scoring applicants are provided the ITA.

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