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New Zealand Visa

How to Immigrate to New Zealand from India?

New Zealand is rated as one of the safest and peaceful locations in the world. It is a country that is full of farms and has quite a lot of beautiful natural sceneries and landscapes. It is a country that provides recluse and work opportunities both at the same time. Hence, Immigration to New Zealand is highly desired, especially by the skilled worker who is looking to settle for work.

Quite many Skilled workers move to New Zealand every year in search of better opportunities. Through this piece, let us look at the nature of New Zealand immigration from India in detail-

The best ways are through Permanent residency, and the advantages of the PR status are as below:

  • The choice to live and settle in New Zealand for an infinite time
  • The immigrant is eligible for subsidized healthcare
  • The education facilities are world-class, and they can also be availed
  • permission of Multiple entries and exit from New Zealand
  • In comparison to Australia there is a low cost of living


What are the pathways for New Zealand immigration?

As a skilled foreign worker, there are three basic ways to apply for the Permanent Residency status-

  • Skilled Migrants category – Skilled Migrants category will allow you to live and work in New Zealand permanently. Just like Canada, It is a point-based evaluation system. The points score requirement will include personal information and details like that of knowledge of the English language and points for good physical and mental health.
  • Family Category Visa – In the family Category, people who are spouse/ partner or they have a dependent child in New Zealand they are allowed to choose this stream. To be selected, one needs to be Sponsored by one’s kin.
  • Business and Investment – This category can be further divided into two sections –
  • Investor category - it is for those people who are planning to live in New Zealand by investing in the business.
  • Entrepreneur category - This is a business people category where aspirants who want to establish their own business can settle in New Zealand. After running a business successfully for two years on the entrepreneur visa, the applicant becomes eligible to apply for an Entrepreneur residence visa.


What are the steps to apply for New Zealand through Permanent residency?

The following steps should be taken under the guidance of a reliable immigration consultancy-

  • Online Expression of Interest (EOI) needs to be created
  • Meet the point score requirements and you will receive the ITA.
  • The minimum score required is 100 points.
  • Documentation - medical and police verification as well
  • New Zealand PR status filed


How long is the processing time for the Permanent residency of New Zealand?

The New Zealand immigration process can take up to 23 to 24 months. With effective planning and documents one can help reduce time as well. A good consultant will be able to guide you on the correct pathways suited as per your credentials and also help you with the processing part as well.

Every stream and pathway will have its own selection procedure and also its own processing time. it is also wise not to evaluate one case with another.

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