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About New Zealand Immigration

If you have the right consultant, Immigration documents, and visa in your hand the immigrating to New Zealand in a hassle-free manner is possible. There are different ways through which an applicant can immigrate to New Zealand, and for this, based on the reason and duration of your stay, the applicant can apply for a suitable visa option as well.

For those who wish to visit the country and be a tourist in one of the most beautiful scenic locations in the world. Then they can get a tourist visa which is valid for up to nine months in New Zealand. The fastest and the most convenient manner of applying for a Visa in New Zealand is online, and if you have a UK passport or any other country that is under the Visa waiver agreement, then you can just land in New Zealand and enjoy your holiday.

If you wish to come to New Zealand to work and settle for a few years, then your will requires a work Visa. There is a list of jobs that are in -demand in New Zealand, and the applicant who has adequate educational qualification along with a basic understanding of the English language can apply for a work permit in New Zealand.

If you are going to New Zealand from Australia, you need to have an Australian visa and will need to fill in your details in the passenger arrival card and complete all the customs formalities as well.

you can start the process of New Zealand permanent residency with a self-assessment and then an English test and ECA before you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) online. Once you meet the points score requirement, you will receive the ITA. the minimum points of selection are 160. Getting a score of 100 will help the appellant enter the pool but getting 160 will help in the selection. The cost of the whole process has cost of 3310. The eligibility criteria are based on age, skilled employment ( If you have an offer or you are already working in New Zealand), Educational qualification ( the level is 9 for someone who has completed his Masters), Work experience ( International work experience, for ten years and more you get 150 points) and partner ( If you are married and your partner has 6.5 bands in IELTS then you can get extra points, there are also points for recognized qualification for your partner)

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