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    New immigration priorities of the Canadian government

    New immigration priorities of the Canadian government

    In the new supplementary mandate letter, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized the importance of immigration for Canada’s economy and society. The mandate letter was provided to immigration minister Marco Mendicino.

    The mandate letter is a pertinent policy document of Canada’s immigration. It outlines the goals of the country with respect to immigration and what the prime minister has asked the immigration minister and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to pursue. It defines key issues such as Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan, and then the IRCC will create new immigration programs as per the latest goals; it will also improve the application processing times, among other issues. The release of the mandate letter by the PM comes shortly after Canada announced a historic new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan in which the target of over 400,000 immigrants per year is mentioned, and this is the highest in its history.

    The new mandate letter is a supplement to the one that Trudeau provided to Mendicino in December 2019. A new supplementary mandate letter has started a new session of Parliament in September, and it is meant to incorporate new objectives that have been raised due to the COVID-19 crisis.

    The Key priorities in the latest mandate letter are:

    • Welcome newcomers to meet the post-COVID recovery. For this, there should be more pilot programs to welcome refugees through economic class immigration streams; also, there should be expediting family reunification; and working on sectoral and regional pilot programs.
    • Need for measures taken to provide permanent residence pathways to those warriors who have provided health care in long-term care homes, medical facilities, or also those who have performed other essential services during the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Work with cabinet colleagues to protect the health and safety of Canadians will managing Canada’s ports of entry responsibly .
    • Work with the Minister of Employment, the Workforce Development, and also Disability Inclusion to protect workers who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and also secure workers in farming and food processing.
    • Provide settlement supports to newcomers in provinces. This will include French-language training.


    The letter just explicitly outlines the goals that the Canadian government has in mind. The undercurrent implication of the letter is that immigration should not fall short, and targets should be met despite the pandemic situation. There is highlighting the issue that immigration is highly pertinent to maintain the Canadian economy.

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