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    New Canada Express Entry draw invited 761 PNP candidates

    New Canada Express Entry draw invited 761 PNP candidates

    IRCC announced the 19th PNP-specific draw of 2021. The express entry draw announced on 20 September selected 761 Express Entry candidates for permanent residency. The Minimum comprehensive ranking system score of selection was 742 points. That means that the applicants who had the 742 points were provided ITA in the draw. The provincial nomination allows the appellants to have extra 600 points, which makes the selection point core attainment easier.

    The Important Aspects of the Draw-

    • ITA( PNP – only) – 761
    • CRS Points- 742

    The draw required a high score requirement from the previous PNP draw. In the last draw, the CRS core required was 732 and this time, it is ten points more than 742 points. The ITA sent is also more than the last PNP draw earlier; only 521 PNP applicants were selected, but this time it is 732.

    ITAs issued By IRCC is large

    Despite the coronavirus pandemic situation, IRCC has a high target of 108,000 invitations set for this year. Thus large draws are being conducted by the IRCC to meet the immigration targets. The biggest draw of 2021 so far was the draw of Feb 13. It was a CEC only, and all the CEC appellants from the pool were picked.

    In 2021, IRCC has conducted alternative draws between PNP and CEC. The score requirement for PNP is way more than the score required for CEC because of the 600 additional points bonus given to the PNP application against the nomination. In today's draw as well, the actual score requirement is 142 points if the 600 additional PNP points are not included.

    What is Express Entry?

    The express entry program is the swiftest and widely used program of immigration by the IRCC. It is a skilled worker program that has a point-based selection model and helps immigration through three streams -

    Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

    The top-scoring applicants in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and can prepare to apply for permanent residency.

    Those who fail to meet the point score requirement can choose the provincial nomination model to get selected for Canada's Permanent residency.

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