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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program invited 212 candidates in the latest draw


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program invited 212 candidates in the latest draw

In the recent 98th Manitoba Provincial nominee program, draw selected 212 candidates in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education streams. Manitoba has been very active during the pandemic time as well, and there have 3511 invitations in 2020 so far.

On 10th September 2020, the Manitoba province announced the latest draw in which 212 immigration candidates got invited for a provincial nomination. The applicants' selection was made in skilled workers and international student graduates in three immigration streams- Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education streams. The selection ranged from 824 to 475 points.

The Important Aspects of the draw- 10th September 2020
  • The Total Number of LAAs sent – 212
  • The selection score in different categories was as follows:
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba – There were 168 LAAs with the EOI Score of 475
  • Skilled Workers Overseas - There were 9 LAAs with the EOI Score of 824
  • International Education Stream – There were 35 LAAs with NO EOI Score requirement


The 10th September 2020 MPNP Draw

It was the 98th draw of the Manitoba province despite the COVID 19 pandemic, the province has been fairly active with the draws, and the total number of Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) issued this year has already reached 3511 after the latest draw. The MPNP was started in 2014, and it is a sort after program since then.

There are two skilled Workers stream in the province- The Skilled Workers Overseas Category and Skilled Workers category to fill the gaps in the market between the demand and supply of labor. For the Overseas category selection, it is important that the candidate has some connection to the province or an invitation under one of MPNP's Strategic Recruitment Initiatives. In the Skilled worker category, the only requirements are full-time permanent job offer in the continuum from an employer in Manitoba.

The International Education Stream is a way of Manitoba province to retain a skill and educated workforce in the province itself.

Manitoba Express Entry Linked stream

Few candidates were selected from the Manitoba Express Entry Linked stream In the latest 10th September draw. On being selected, these candidates should provide a valid Express Entry ID and a job seeker validation code. After which they are eligible for an additional for 600 CRS points in the Federal Express entry system. This improves the selection of chances in the federal system as well.

Manitoba's Expression of Interest (EOI) system

The Manitoba province will be aware of your interest in the province only when you fill the Expression of Interest (EOI) profile. In the Expression of Interest system, each applicant is ranked out of 1000. The point calculation is done on language skills, education, work experience, risk assessment, and Manitoba connections, among other things.

The applicant needs to enter the information on the EOI profile very carefully. If any false information is entered, then it is considered misrepresentation and can lead to a ban of your candidature for a period of two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, There is no cost to completing an Express Entry profile. After you receive an ITA and submit a full application you will be required to pay application fee…for more details call us directly.

Yes, one can easily apply being in job because express entry process run simultaneously.

If your spouse, or common law partner accompanying & have graduation, post graduation or any higher qualification you can get ECA done this will increase CRS points, there is no compulsion.

The basic thing that you should aware of your profile eligibility before you apply, there are certain steps to follow like get qualification assessed by ECA prepare IELTS and follow the Federal System of inviting skilled immigrants in Canada is called Express Entry Program. The program is one of the most popular way to applying to Permanent Resident Visa.

Express Entry was introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in the year 2015 This Federal system of CRS evaluates the applicants on the basis of their credentials such as present age, educational levels, work experience & skills acquired, English and French language ability etc.

Basically Proof of funds indicates your financial stability

Number of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,474
2 $15,530

Application processing fees to IRCC: $550 per person, and $150 per dependent child. Right of Permanent Residence fees to IRCC: $490 per person, no fees for dependent children. Educational Credential Assessments: around $300 per person if you count international delivery by courier.

ECA is the only way for you to receive points for your foreign education, yes it is mandatory , you can avoid ECA only if you have any qualification done from Canada .

No, Not really. IELTS is to know language proficiency parameter which can also be awarded by giving CELPIP-G

TEF Canada- Exam for proving proficiency in French

TCF Canada- Exam for proving proficiency in French

In 75% of cases, an application submitted through Express Entry is processed within 6 months from the date it is received, processing time also depend on getting ITA also , rest left 25% cases can clear process in 9-12 months, if someone is on very low CRS then time varies case to case

For filing your application, you need to create your express entry profile. You cannot file your express entry application if you are not having your Language Proficiency points with you . It is mandatory to appear in any of the asked tests by IRCC either is will be IELTS exam
TEF Canada- Exam for proving proficiency in French
TCF Canada- Exam for proving proficiency in French
Any of the above provide you language proficiency points

You do not need a job offer to immigrate to Canada. There are programs available for you that allow you to apply for permanent residency in Canada without securing employment beforehand. You can apply PR if you are considered a Skilled Worker.

After you receive PR Canada you can start your job search from Indian, we also help applicant to reach wider audience of employers so that applicants profile can get more approaches, you can also refer to social media platforms like Linked in, it plays important role, make connections stay connected & explore.

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