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    The latest Express Entry Draw selected 266 candidates in the PNP draw

    The latest Express Entry Draw selected 266 candidates in the PNP draw

    Canada Express entry conducted a PNP-specific draw on April 14, in which 266 Express Entry candidates got invited. To be selected in the latest draw, the CRS score requirement was set at 753 points. This minimum score requirement might appear high as compared to the average all-program draw or when compared to the Canadian Experience Class-only draw, but as per the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw standard, it is not a highs core. The applicants could receive the nomination if they had 153 in the PNP score as the 600 extra points are given for receiving the provincial nomination.


    The Important Aspects of the Draw – April 14

    ·        ITA sent – 266

    ·        CRS score - 753


    Applicants with the minimum score of 753 are expected to submit their Express Entry profile before March 01, 2021, at 15:22:18 UTC, for which the tie break rule is applied. It is an administrative requirement that helps the IRCC selects the appellants who have the same CRS score.


    What is expected of the Express Entry draws in 2021?

    Express entry was the record-breaking first quarter of 2021, and such high targets are expected in the coming months as well as for the year 2021; there is an ambitious target set for 2021. Till now, IRCC has invited 49,390 Express Entry candidates


    On February 13, IRCC sent 27,332 invitations; It was in a CEC-specific draw. This draw has helped the IRCC to come close to the immigration targets. The target for 2021 is set at 401,000 newcomers in 2021, and most of these immigrations are through the Express entry system. Since the beginning of the year 2021, there have been 12 draws conducted so far for the Express entry, and all have been program-specific draws in which CEC and PNP-specific candidates have been targeted.


    In the PNP-specific draws, the CRS score requirement is higher; the 600-point allocation is provided to the applicant already for nomination selection. The CEC-only draws tend to have a lower minimum score requirement that other draws. It is always the top-scoring applicants who are selected in the draw.


    IRCC is prioritizing candidates in Canada. And large proportions of selections are through the Express Entry-managed program. There are 21,000 CEC-eligible candidates in the pool, and they are preferred because of connections and experience to succeed in the labor market.


    What is Express Entry Program?

    Express Entry Program is an Immigration system that helps the applicants select skilled workers in streams Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. The applicants who met the minimum Comprehensive ranking system  (CRS) are shortlisted based on their skills and abilities.


    All those applicants who cannot immigrate through express entry can relocate through the provincial nomination, and in certain cases, candidates need to file an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the province that they want to immigrate to. Receiving the nomination helps appellants receive 600 CRS points which effectively guarantees an ITA.

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