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    Job Market in Canada - Get Your Dream Job in Canada

    Job Market in Canada - Get Your Dream Job in Canada

    Immigrating to another country is a major step by any individual; thus, it is best if the candidate is well prepared before emigration and has completely analyzed all options and reviewed his options wisely. Some smart candidates prepare ahead, and they start sending out their resumes even before they have migrated to Canada. The online portal is the best option for the candidate. After building a proper resume, the candidate can start sending his resume to the companies in Canada through online application; thus, as soon as the candidate lands in Canada, he/she can start giving interviews and hive a kick start to the employment process without wasting any time. Further, it is good if the social circle is enhanced by the candidate through sites like, Orkut, LinkedIn, etc., as anytime any social interaction can help the candidate professionally and can also help the candidate settle in Canada upon migration.

    It is important for the candidate to understand that he is one who is migrating; thus, he should undertake efforts to mingle in the work environment of the company and make friends to help him enjoy his new location. Thus working on the ideals of team spirit, collaboration and compatibility can help the candidate settle and also flourish in his line of work.

    Canada has witnessed huge success in the service sector, manufacturing sector, and Information Technology sector with new start-ups, corporate offices, and emerging companies in the industry. The demand is so high, especially in the IT sector in provinces like Ontario and British Columbia, that it has attracted a lot of international talent in the country.

    There are very broad generalizations and some economic justifications as to why such an upward swing has been witnessed in the Canadian job market, with salaries being increased and employment opportunities being enhanced in almost every sector of the Canadian job market.

    Some of the most in-demand occupations of the recent times are –

    • Database Administrator      

     It is a renowned profession in the technology industry of data storage and organization. Apart from all the other operations in the field, there is also planning, monitoring, and backing up of the data which is involved.

    • Marketing Manager

    This is a profession that is required in almost every industry, and there are several professions attached to this line of work like marketing managers, marketing assistants, and advertising.

    • Computer Hardware Engineer

    The designers of the components and systems are sought after majorly in Canada, and they also help in the maintenance and repair of the systems. The average salary in this line of work is 101,154 CAD.

    • Quality Assurance Manager

    Through monitoring and evaluation, the quality of the product can be maintained, and the staff can also be controlled immensely. The average salary in this profession is 101,000 CAD.

    • Security Engineers

    They aim to keep the computer systems safe and secure and constantly work on finding new ways to stop hackers. Linked to cyber security, the average salary of this profile is 102,749 CAD.

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