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    IRCC will introduce six new immigration programs for international graduates, essential workers, and French speakers

    IRCC will introduce six new immigration programs for international graduates, essential workers, and French speakers

    There is a piece of good news for Essential workers, international student graduates, and French speakers who wish to move to Canada. There are six new pathways to permanent residency this May. Three of these six new programs will find a way for 90,000 new immigrants to get new Permanent residency in Canada. Also, the other three streams, which will be for French-speaking immigrants, will have no intake cap. thus an unlimited number of French-speaking applicants.


    The six new programs that have been introduced are for the temporary workers who are working in hospitals and long-term care homes. It is for those front-liners who work for important sectors, and there is a bracket reserved for international student graduates from Canadian educational institutions.


    On May 6, there were will following three streams introduced by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)              

    ·        20,000 invitations for temporary workers in health care

    ·        30,000 invitations for temporary workers in other selected essential occupations

    ·        40,000 invitations for international students who graduated from a Canadian educational institution


    It is a limit on this stream, and they will remain open until November 5, 2021, or till there is a limit reached on their selection. The new public policies help the workers apply in 40 healthcare occupations and 95 other essential jobs, including caregiving and food production and distribution.


    The appellants need to have at least one year of Canadian work experience in the healthcare sector or have a pre-approved essential occupation. In the case of the International graduates, the candidate should have completed an eligible Canadian post-secondary program in the last four years, which should not go back to January 2017. They are also expected to have proficiency in Canada’s official languages and must be authorized to work and work in Canada at the time of application.  Quebec province has its criteria, so international graduates from Quebec need to follow its provincial norms.


    The contribution is lasting of a temporary worker.


    Mendicino, Canada immigration minister, was hinting at facilitating immigration for temporary residents for a long time now. IRCC has also announced the highest immigration targets for Canada as there is a need to bounce back from the drop in 2020. Over the next three years, the immigration target is about 1.2 million, with over 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. There are definably coronavirus-related travel restrictions that are still in place, but Canada has over 100 over 100 different economic class programs to facilitate immigration.  As per Statistics Canada research, there is also a pre-landing Canadian experience that helps the integration into the country’s labor market. Also, immigration distribution has helped temporary foreign workers and international students establish roots locally.


    Express Entry draws are targeting domestic candidates.

    Canada aims to meet the Immigration targets set for 2021, and thus it has been conducting regular Express Entry draws, which are specific for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applicants. On February 13 there was the biggest CEC-eligible candidate draw which selected a total of 27,332 candidates from the Express Entry pool. It is the historic draw since 2015. More than 90 percent of CEC applicants are already living in Canada, and thus they are not affected by the travel restrictions. 


    How Canada aims to achieve its 401,000 newcomer goal?

    Apart from relying on economic class streams, there are also other ways through Canadian government aims to meet its high immigration target through programs like the provincial Nomination, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and also “Guardian Angels,” the asylum claimants working in front lines of Canada’s health care system. There is also Family class immigration which will contribute to 401,000 targets. They will comprise over one-quarter of the newcomer admissions in the Immigration Levels Plan.

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