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    In-demand Jobs in Saskatchewan due to COVID-19

    In-demand Jobs in Saskatchewan due to COVID-19

    Some occupations increased in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Saskatchewan. There has been a rise in the demand for workers in these occupations, and salaries have also witnessed a rise.


    These jobs are listed alongside their National Occupational Classification (NOC) code in the list below:


    1. Real estate agents and salespersons (NOC 6232)

    These people act as agents for the sale or purchase of the property. The products that they deal in include houses, apartments, commercial buildings and other real estate. The employment of Real estate agents and salespersons was largely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the demand remains high. The manner of working has, although seen, a paradigm shift with Virtual viewings for potential buyers.


    2. Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511)

    Truck drivers help in transport goods and materials across provincial and international roads. They help with distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and also with the moving companies. Employed in different sectors, the demand for these professionals continues to rise throughout Canada. There has been a rise of 8 percent in the employment of truck drivers.


    3. Cleaning supervisors (NOC 6315)

     They supervise and coordinate the work of workers such as specialized cleaners, janitors, caretakers, and superintendents. Such workers are employed by hospitals, health care institutions, hotels, schools, and other companies. There has been a notable rise of 13 percent in the last year.


    4. Heavy equipment operators (NOC 7521)

    Heavy equipment operators work with the heavy equipment used in constructing roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and other structures. These workers are employed by construction companies, heavy equipment contractors, and other companies. Employment in this sector has seen a rise of 11 percent. Recently, Saskatchewan has announced the dedication of $7.5 billion in infrastructure spending over two years.


    5. Power engineers and systems operators (NOC 9241)

    Power engineers work with and also maintain reactors, turbines, boilers, generators, engines, and other equipment. They provide efficient utility services such as heat, light, and refrigeration. Power system operators work with switchboards in electrical control centers and also monitor the distribution of electrical power. The rise has been enormous in this sector, a notable 208 percent as their operations continued throughout the pandemic time. 


    6. Store shelf stockers, clerks, and order fillers (NOC 6622)

    Store shelf stockers, clerks, and order fillers are those workers that pack customers’ purchases, price items, stock shelves with products. They work in retail businesses, grocery stores, department stores, and warehouses. The rise has been significantly high for them with 123 percent as there has been an increased demand for essential items.


    7. Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171)

    These workers analyze and test systems requirements and implement plans and procedures to provide advice on many information systems issues. The employment in this area saw a rise of 38 percent higher. It is because of the increased use of technology during the pandemic.


    8. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012)

    These are the noble people who provide nursing care to patients and deliver health education programs as well as consultative services.

    With the pandemic situation at hand in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and private homes everywhere, the required increase and the rise has been a massive 33 percent.

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