Eligibility to Apply

Graduate diploma/degree

2+ years of experience

Aged between 23 to 45

Proficient in English


Entitle for Skilled Professionals/Workers

Get Permanent Residency In Canada

Meritide Visa can promise you a 100% success chance with selection in a stream, and for this, we will provide the best services as well. If you take up our services and let us help you, then you will be moving to Canada sooner than you had planned. We guarantee it! We provide complete legal solutions for all immigration-related problems.

Our immigration experts are adept, and they are accredited. They have a thorough knowledge of the Canadian laws and also the latest update that affects the immigration process. Therefore they can provide you quick and easy solutions to your immigration problem.

Annual Salaries in Canada
Information Technology $ 82,807 ₹ 44.8 lacs
Legal $ 81,155 ₹ 44.2 lacs
Engineering $ 79,347 ₹ 43.3 lacs
Finance $ 71,883 ₹ 39.2 lacs
Healthcare & Social sevices $ 66,635 ₹ 36.3 lacs
Sales & Marketing $ 59,460 ₹ 32.4 lacs
Construction & Maintenance $ 54,956 ₹ 29.9 lacs
Childcare & Education $ 51,624 ₹ 28.1 lacs
Accounting & Administration $ 51,275 ₹ 27.9 lacs
Transportation $ 43,193 ₹ 23.5 lacs
Art $ 38,374 ₹ 20.9 lacs
Retail & Customer service $ 36,909 ₹ 20.1 lacs
Food services $ 32,404 ₹ 17.6 lacs
Shipping & Manufacturing $ 32,287 ₹ 17.6 lacs
Hospitality $ 32,263 ₹ 17.6 lacs


Success Rate


Years of Experience


Number of clients' seeking advice each year


Immigration Staffs


Application Processed

What we can do for you & how ?

We can help you make Canada your Permanent Home.

Free Pre-Assessment Service

We assess the application and determine the chances of relocation. We want the clients to know that they are our top priority, and to highlight this; we offer the pre-assessment service absolutely free of charge.

Resume Rebuilding

Our experts are aware of the Canadian job market for a long time and so are capable of producing effective and eye-catching resumes that will get the applicant the right attention from good employers overseas.

IELTS Training

Language proficiency is a major factor for consideration both in immigration, and it can be English or French Language. To help the applicant in getting a good score in Language we offer IELTS training under experts of the Language also provide them the free study material to prepare for their exams.

Documentation Services

It is the step after receiving the ITA. To avoid rejection, we have pitch-perfect document submission, and we personally handle these aspects ourselves. We also like to keep our clients informed about the proceedings and all documents we are submitting for analysis, and through which body so they also get to know the intimate details.

100% Refund on Rejection

Meritide offers its services with a 100% refund clause in case your application is rejected. We rarely, if ever, see this clause come to effect, but nevertheless provide it for the mental satisfaction of our clients.


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