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What are the ways through which an aspirant can undertake Germany Immigration?

Germany has a growing economy, but it lacks specialized skilled workers, and a revolutionalized demographic change is needed to meet the labor market shortage in the country. Presently there are 1.2 million job places in Germany that are not filled. Germany has implement laws that help access the labor market and allows the immigration of skilled workers. The job seekers have thus a lot of opportunities, and the specialist can now immigrate to Germany with ease. The specialist term is a broad one that includes professionally qualified trainers. Let us look at these new policies which help the aspirants migrate.

Those appellants who don't have an employment offer but can prove that they are qualified professional trainers can receive a residency of six months, and during that time, they are expected to look for a job in Germany. During this time, the job seekers can work for ten hours a week on probation, or they can undertake an internship. The requirements include being good in the German language skill and having a B2 level proficiency, and enough money for settlement.

Earlier, the Federal Employment Agency had examined that if there were a suitable applicant for a job in Germany or European Union (EU) before Germany was allowed to hire skilled workers from another country. The Priority check-in in these areas has been dropped, and changes have been introduced in the labor market.

The appellants who have graduated from the German Schools abroad are allowed to come to Germany for studying and seek a trainee position or for higher education.

The skilled workers from non-EU countries are limited to the definition of the term "Shortage occupations."

What are the In-demand Professions for skilled workers in Germany?

Some of the specialized occupations highly in demand in Germany are Doctors, Information Technology professionals, Nurses, Physiotherapists, construction workers, Engineers, Experts in Aerospace, mechatronics, and Electrical engineers. It is the STEM professionals that are the most sort after in Germany There is a special regulation in place for the IT professionals, and they can enter the country without any specialized training as well, provided they are adept in their craft. There is a a lot of demand of professional occupations in Germany.

The Skilled Immigration ACT

The Skilled immigration Act is a new law of Germany that has expanded the possibility of adept and qualified professionals to live and work in Germany. It is easier for the Skilled workers to find Employment in Germany with vocation and also academic training.

The new law has expanded the preview of the term "Qualified Professional" to the Non – European Countries in the following manner –

  • The person who has either completed vocational training from Germany (in which the training period was at least two years) or the person who has received vocational training from a place that has educational qualification which is equivalent to the German Qualified vocational training.
  • The person whose higher education degree is close to et higher education degree in Germany
  • The applicant can easily enter the labor market as a qualified professional and must have an employment contract or a specific job offer along with education recognized in Germany. or these there is no priority check is to be one by the federal employment Agency (BA)
  • The qualified professional needs to exercise Employment in the occupation in which he is qualified and experience for this; he should also have relevant education degrees. The EU Blue card is issued for Jobs that are commensurate with professional qualifications.
  • The Employment of these professionals from outside the European Union and their vocational or nonacademic training are considered. Suppose there are people who have a specific occupation and work in Germany in all the occupations that come under their qualification.

What are the other ways for German immigration?

Apart from Skilled worker's immigration, there are also other pathways through which a desiring appellant can relocate to Germany, and it will depend on the reason for relocation.

The candidates who wish to live and study in Germany can get a study visa in Germany. After completing your education in Germany, you can also look for a Job in the country. As per the recent survey, 54% of people who have finished their degree prefer to live in Germany and get a job.

There are also people who wish to invest in the country and offer prospects of Employment. The applicant can also get the self-employment visa for this, and to get this visa; certain requirements need to be met –

  • The appellant should have enough funds to start a business
  • The appellant should be able to contribute to the German economy
  • The investment should be highly demanded in Germany

The families are allowed to stay together, and there are laws to get their spouse, children, and parents to Germany. To get kids who are above 16 years, they should have proof of proficiency in the German language, and the Spouses should prove that they are married and have the minimum ability in the German language.

Those foreign workers who have high qualifications and are looking to work in Germany can qualify through this card. Under this, the applicant should look for a Job in Germany and meet the minimum salary requirements. The EU blue card holder has all the right to live in Germany for four years and can apply for permanent residency status.

In case you have a visa for Germany, then you can get a residency permit. This could be a provisional or a permanent permit. The provisional resident allows to live in Germany for only some time, and after the expiry of the stay, the applicant should return to his country. The permanent resident in Germany they are allowed to live in the country for an unlimited period of time. However, getting a permanent residency doesn't mean that one has got the Citizenship of the country.

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