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    Express Entry draws invited first CEC draw of September

    Express Entry draws invited first CEC draw of September

    There are 17 CEC draws conducted by the IRCC since the start of 2021, including the latest one. The new Express entry draw got announced on 14 September and invited 2,000 Express Entry candidates for permanent residency.  The minimum CRS score requirement was set at least 472 points. It means that all those applicants who received the minimum score got selected for the draw.

    The Important Aspects of the draw – CEC

    ITA sent – 2000

    CRS - 462

    The ITA sent in the latest draw was large, and 2000 applicants got selected. The shortlisted applicants now have 60 days to complete their application process. This draw was announced later than expected, as ideally, soon after the PNP draw, a CEC draw gets announced. However, this time the PNP draw was announced two weeks ago, but the following CEC draw took a lot of time to be announced. Going by the trend of alternative draws of IRCC, a PNP draw might be announced now.

    The processing of CEC applications needs to be faster

    There is a lot of backlog of cases for immigration in recent times, and IRCC is having trouble processing the applications. The January applications still need to be processed. Thus, The plan is to integrate the already immigrated temporary workers in Canada so that the Immigration targets for the year 2021 can be met by the IRCC and also the processing of the applications can also be swiftly handled.

    The majority of CEC candidates are already in the Express Entry pool, and they have the required Canadian experience as the eligibility factor as well. To be a CEC candidate, it is important to have at least one year of full-time Canadian work experience in a skilled occupation.

    Express Entry invitations have doubled in recent times

    The Immigrations by the IRCC has doubled in recent times. The year 2020 was a record-breaking year. This year as well, The IRCC is close to meeting the target of 108,500 newcomers through the Express Entry system in 2021.

    The Minimum score requirement in the Express Entry draws has been changing and has been as per the CEC, or PNP draws. For the PNP draws, the CRS score requirement is higher because of the 600 additional points offered against the nomination.

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