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Express Entry Draw invited 6000 immigration candidates with a...

Express Entry Draw invited 6000 immigration candidates with a CRS score of 400


IRCC's latest draw came the second day in a row after the PNP-specific draw got announced. The current draw was a CEC-specific draw in which 6,000 Express Entry candidates got selected with the CRS score requirement of at least 400. This CRS points score is 17 points less as compared to the previous CEC-only draw. Further, it is also the second-lowest score ever in a CEC-specific draw.


The Important Aspects of the draw- April 29

·        ITA- 6000 (CEC-specific)

·        CRS- 400


The Express Entry Draw – CEC specific draw

In the latest Express Entry draw, there was a tiebreak rule applied for applicants with a minimum score of 400. The Tiebreak was applied before April 24, 2021, at 15:24:49 UTC. It is administrative requirements that helps select applicants who have the same CRS score in the pool.


Why is IRCC paying a lot of importance to the temporary workers?

The IRCC this year has conducted two types of draws mostly- Provincial Nominee Program-specific (PNP) and Canadian Experience Class-specific draws (CEC). In the CEC specific draws, there is 90 percent of the people who are applying and are already in Canada. The PNP applicants are those who have received Nominations from the province base on their suitability to meet the labor market demand in a region.


Because of the 600 scores provided on the nomination, the selection score of PNP-specific draws way higher than the CEC-specific draws.


In the times of the Corona virus pandemic, the IRCC is aiming to select as many temporary residents as it can and convert them into a permanent resident. This is in lieu of the abysmal conditions in almost every country.


It is true that the pandemic has slowed down invitation rounds for outland Express Entry candidates, but there are still a lot of invitations that have been sent. With the latest draw, the express entry has brought the ITA in 2021 to 61,771. In this number, the February 13 draw, which was a CEC-specific draw, is a major contributor.


Canada's immigration level plans have set a target of 401,000 new immigrants in 2021. IRCC has huge plans of meeting this target and has introduced created six new programs aimed at essential workers and international student graduates. from May 6; the doors will be opened for an unlimited number of French-speaking essential workers and graduates.


What is Express Entry System?

Express Entry System is a skilled worker immigration pathway with three streams: Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program.


A point-based system of skilled worker selection where the high-scoring applicants received the ITA (Invitation to Apply) after going through the Express Entry draws. The Points are calculated as per work experience, education, age, official language skills, and other factors.


The ITA is not a residency but an invitation for applying for a residency. It is important that the applicant relies upon the ITA in time with adequate documents.

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