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    Express Entry Draw Conducted a CEC-specific draw

    Express Entry Draw  Conducted a CEC-specific draw

    The new express entry draw was announced recently on July 22, in which CEC candidates got selected. The minimum score for comprehensive ranking system (CRS) required was 357 points. It is the second-lowest CRS score requirement and was once before required from the applicants. There were 4,500 Express Entry candidates who met this score and were provided with the ITA.

    The Important Aspects of the Draw

    ·        ITA – 4500

    ·        CRS - 357

    In the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) specific draw, the tie break rule was applied on and before February 14, 2021, at 09:04:15 UTC. The tie break rule is an administrative requirement and is meant to select among the applicants who have the same CRS score. In the previous draw, there were 4,500 candidates invited, with the CRS score cut off of 369. For this draw, the CRs score requirement is much lower than it was in the previous draw.

    CEC and PNP draws

    Since the pandemic time has started, the IRCC has aimed to convert the temporary skilled workers into permanent residents in Canada. Therefore there have been a lot of program-specific draws that have been conducted. The idea is to cause fewer disruptions due to travel. Because the vaccination drives are going in full swing, it is expected that Canada will open its birders for international travel in Mid-September. Direct flights from India are right now suspended.

    Canada Immigration Level plan has set the target of 401,000 new immigrants to Canada this year, and a lot of targets have been met through the program-specific draws. Both PNP and CEC Specific are being conducted. The CRS score requirement in the PNP specific draws more than the score required in the CEC draw because there are 600 additional points that are provided against the nomination to the appellants.

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