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Denmark is one of the most scientifically advanced nations in the world and extremely beautiful. Thus if you are looking to settle in a nation that is advance and also rich and diverse, then you can Immigrate to Denmark with your family. There is a juxtaposition of modernity and traditionalism that will bring the picture of true countryside alive and help develop modern society.

Depending on the reason for your immigration and the duration, there are different schemes through which the applicant can immigrate to Denmark.

It is a scheme that is intended for large corporate houses, and It is a scheme that helps highly skilled international workers who are from outside European Union / EEA region and Switzerland. This scheme includes private and public companies and also universities.

The pay limit scheme for Denmark immigration is for those applicants who are given employment in Denmark with a higher average salary. The applicant can apply through this stream, and for this, there is no need for specific education or professional experience. The applicant just ends to meet the following requirements - The applicant should be offered a job that pays an annual salary of 426985.06 or something that is as high as 2019

The salary and the employment contract should be as per the Danish standards. For this, the applicant will have to provide a copy of the job offer letter for assessment and outline the working hours, holidays, and other relevant terms of contact.

The positive list scheme allows the appellant who has been provided with a job under the Positive list as decided by the Denmark government. The Positive list included a list of professionals who have a labor shortage at present. the candidate who has a job offer from an employer in Denmark

Individuals who wish to live in Denmark on a visa have been provided with a fully paid position to be an employer as a researcher, and with the entitlement of a resident, they can now live and work in Denmark.

The applicants for Denmark immigration who have a job offer can be entitled to live in Denmark only when they apply for the residency permit and carry pit work in their specialized individual field of work. The applicant who can apply under this scheme are-

  • Performers or Artist
  • Chefs
  • Athletes who have played at a professional level and sports coach

The Individual who have been employed and they have a valid job offer to work as a herdsman or farm manager in Denmark they can apply for the residency and live and work in Denmark If the applicant is selected under this scheme, then you can work as a farm manager or herdsman during the stay in Denmark.

This is the card for those individuals who have been provided with a postgraduate or higher degree from the University in Denmark. The candidates who have completed an advanced Soloist programmer from the Danish Academics of music are also entitled to apply. The appellants are expected to apply six months prior to their job-seeking period, and they should show that applicants have enough funds to support themselves financially.

If the applicant has sufficient funds, then they can qualify under the following schemes-

  • DKK 88.356 You want to live alone in Denmark
  • DKK 176.712 If you want to live with your spouse
  • DKK 262.476 If you wish to stay in Denmark with your spouse and children

It is a scheme for International entrepreneurs which helps them to get an opportunity to obtain the Denmark visa for the residence so that they can manage a business in the country. The business will need approval from an expert panel appointed by the Danish Business Authority.

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