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Canada CRS Points Calculator

CRS points calculator is used as the evaluation factor in Federal economic immigration programs.  As per the CRS points calculator, the highest-scoring candidates are selected for Canada's permanent Residency.


IRCC uses various pathways through which applicants can immigrate to Canada. All the pathways are point-based. It means the applicants need to meet the minimum point score requirements for Canada permanent residency status.


The most successful and popular pathway of Canada immigration is an express entry. It has Three subcategories- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The applicant needs to be eligible in one of the three subcategories to be selected in the Express Entry System.


A comprehensive ranking system tool is used to assess the candidates' abilities based on the selection factors of Age, Language Skills, Education, Work Experience, arranged employment, and adaptability.  Calculation of the CRS score doesn't mean that you are eligible in one of the three Express Entry program. Rather, it means you will have to find the eligibility in one of the three Express Entry programs for selection.


To better understand the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) tool, let us look at the point distribution below:


  • Human Core Capital - 460 + 50 = 500 Points
  • Skill Transferability 100 Points  
  • Bonus points - 600 Points


The Express Entry CRS calculator evaluates the total score out of 1200.  To understand the CRS points calculator. Let us understand all the selection factors in detail –


Human Core Capital      


For single applicants, the points are calculated out of 500, but the score is calculated out of 460 points for the applicants with a spouse.  There are 40 points allocated for the spouse point calculation so that the spouse's credentials can help the primary applicant move with immigration.


The table below shows the Human Core Capital factors and the points score required.


 Selection Factors

 Points ( With Spouse)

Points ( Without Spouse)










Work Experience





Skill Transferability


To understand the Skill Transferability   factors let us look at the table below:


Skill Transferability

Maximum Points = 100

Education Qualification


Proficient language Skills + post-secondary degree


Work experience + Post-secondary degree


Foreign Work Experience


Proficient language + Overseas work experience


Work experience in Canada + Overseas work experience


Qualification / Trade certificate



Bonus Points


There are total 600 Bonus points provided to applicants to help them calculate the CRS score


Bonus Points Calculations

Maximum Points = 600

Sibling with a PR in Canada


NCLC 7or higher in all French language test / Band of 4 or less in IELTS


NCLC 7or higher in all French language test / Band of 5 or less in IELTS


 Post-secondary education in Canada ( 1 or 2 years)


Post-secondary education in Canada ( 3 or more years)


Arranged employment – NOC 0 , A or B



Arranged employment – NOC 0, A  or B


Provincial Nomination



Improving your CRS score can help you get selected in the Express Entry draw. You can adhere to various ways through which the score can be improved in the CRS points calculator. The most common ways are undertaking the English language test, Improving the educational qualification, and gaining more work experience.


If you are facing problems on how to calculate the CRS score, then it is best advised that you talk to a consultant and take his help with your application. Hiring a good consultant will help you not only pre-assess your application nicely but will also help you find ways through which to improve the CRS score and then get selected in the correct pathway.

CRS Calculator – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Tool

You can calculate your CRS Score on the basis of the answer you will provide below. It is a point based system which can assess your profile with a score to rank in the express entry pool.

Note: This is a tool from www.cic.gc.ca. The information contained within the tool is provided for information purposes only. Nothing contained in the tool is to be used as professional advice.

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