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How an IT Professional Migrate Canada?


What are the Chances of IT professionals for Canada Immigration?

Immigration to Canada has become relatively easier and faster than before, thanks to PR applications' internet and Online filing. There are many models through which the candidate can apply for the Permanent Residency of Canada, and with every model, the eligibility criterion for the Permanent Residency (PR) Status of Canada is different. But the most popular ways of applying for the Permanent Residency (PR) Status of Canada are – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program(PNP), and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

As per the recent study, most of India's people are looking for work opportunities in Canada rather than opting for the United States, and most of these job seekers are from the technology sector.

The technology domain has witnessed innovation, entrepreneur spirit, rapid revenue growth, and world-class achievements in recent times and has changed the game into a whopping 360-degree angle. With the changes implemented in this sector, there has been an upward growth in the industry, coupled with more employment opportunities and transformation in the USA's unspoken paradigm being the industry capital. The base has also slowly shifted from the USA to Canada, making the USA not the hub but the right place for the Technocrats. On the other hand, Canada has become a prosperous country that features the diversified and elaborated transformation in technology through more than 50 emerging companies in recent times.

Now, we can safely call Canada the leader in Artificial Intelligence, Clean technology, and also the health care system, among other things.

What are the reasons that have made Canada the choice of technological job seekers?

It is not only the global economic trends but also social and cultural movements that affect the decision of the candidate related to immigration. The political, cultural, and social ramifications of working in Canada have changed positively for the candidates bringing a splash of aspirants to the country who have formed a deep interest in immigration to Canada for better job prospects.

However, some of the core reasons which could have brought this shift from the USA to Canada are –

  • This shift in the interest can be linked to some extent due to the uncertainty that has been attached to H-1 B1 Visa of United States of America after the administration of President Donald Trump has come to the platform.
  • Some of it is also related to the booming technical sector of the Canadian market with big shots like 'Wave,' 'Prodigy Ventures' and 'Cyber Infrastructure Inc.' making a name in the industry.
  • Apart from the prosperous prospects of all these, Canada has also become the recent choice because of the improved temporary work visa eligibility for the skilled workers through Global Skills Strategy and Global Talents stream programs.
  • Lenient laws for the permanent residency (PR) status holders being introduced have motivated more and more people to immigrate to Canada.
  • Some of the good companies in India like Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) have set up offices in Canada recently.
  • The general warmth that the Canadian people have, and acceptance of the other is also a major cultural factor.


What has been the technology industry strength of Canada which has attracted international talent?

Over the past few years, most of the international talent has opted for Canada because there has been a pattern of even the firms which have also been scaling been hiring overseas employees. Recently, Element AI has created 250 new jobs in Canada's Artificial Intelligence sector and raised 137 million dollars CAD in the first round of funding last year.

This push has been seen in the academic sector as well as 24 academics from all over the world were recruited by Canada in 150 research programs. Hence, the brain drain that is happening from all over the world in start-ups, corporates, tech entrepreneurs, etc., has been able to intellectually and professionally locate itself in Canada very happily.

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