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    BC PNP new draw selected 422 applicants

    BC PNP new draw selected 422 applicants

    British Columbia PNP announced the latest PNP draws. The 422 immigration candidates were selected in two Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) held on September 28, 2021. Since February, BC PNP has been a pattern to conduct two separate draws twice a month as part of its PNP program. As many people are registered in the BC PNP Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), the two draw system is followed to balance the needs of the labor market as per the sector.

    Applicants from the Skills Immigration (S.I.) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) got to receive invitations in the general draw. To be specific, the invitations were sent to the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, and Entry Level and Semi-Skilled subcategories. The score requirement for all the categories was ranged between 69 and 90 points. In this draw, there were 386 candidates invited.

    There was another separate draw for S.I. and EEBC categories, and it had targeted candidates with occupations under NOC 0621 or NOC 0631. This draw selected 36 invitations, and the score requirement was set at 105 points.

    With this draw, the B.C.PNP has issued a total of 9,083 invitations through different streams.

    The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

    The BC PNP helps meet the labor market demand of the province and has different streams through which the applicant can apply for nomination. Two main immigration streams of British Columbia are - Skills Immigration and Express Entry,  and they both are divided into subcategories. The applicants need to register under the B.C.’s Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) and create an account to be selected. After this, the scores are calculated based on factors such as education, work experience, and language skills, among other things.

    The High scoring applicants in each subcategory get selected and provided with the invitation to apply for a provincial nomination and later for permanent residency. The selected applicants will have 30 days from the date of application to submit the complete documents through the BC PNP online system.

    If you receive an invitation, then you will have 30 days from the submission of the application date to complete an application through the BC PNP online system.

    Processing time for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

    The processing time starts from the date your application is submitted for analysis and after which the application undergoes a strict evaluation process before selection. Hence, the processing time will depend on a lot of factors from the program through which the candidate has applied for immigration to the credentials of the profile. On a general note, the typical assessment time for applications in British Columbia is four months. It can also take more or less time, depending on the Individual’s case.

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