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    B.C. PNP draw was third largest of 2021

    B.C. PNP draw was third largest of 2021

    On 13th April 2021, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) invited 452 immigration candidates for the Nomination. The selection was made from Skills Immigration (S.I.) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) streams. Those applicants who were invited were from Skilled Worker, International Graduate as well as Entry Level and Semi-Skilled subcategories of the Skilled Immigration and Express Entry BC stream. The Minimum score requirement was set between 79 and 95 points. It has happened the fifth time this year that B.C. has conducted the draws for retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621), and the other one is restaurant and foodservice managers (NOC 0631). For these two categories, there were 21 Invitations issued with a minimum score of 113. Also, the province has issued 11 invitations through Entrepreneur Immigration streams, which leaves 420 from other ways


    With this latest draw, there have been 23 invitation rounds through BC PNP, and it has brought the total to 3441 invitations by BC PNP in 2021


    Understanding the British Columbia Provincial nominee program (BC PNP)

    The BC PNP selects foreign workers who are highly skilled and are in high demand in the province. These applicants wish to achieve the Nomination. The BC PNP has two immigration streams- Skills Immigration and Express Entry. These streams are also divided into subcategories. The BC immigration streams are managed through the B.C.’s Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS); the applicant needs to have a registered account for the same. Once an account has been created, the appellant can assess the score based on factors such as education, work experience, and language skills. It is the high-scoring applicants who are selected from each subcategory, and they are invited to apply for a provincial nomination when the B.C. province conducts the regular draws.


    Those appellants who receive the ITA have 30 days from the date of the invitation to submit a complete application. The decision of the province will provide in the next two to three months. In case the Nomination is successful, the appellants can apply through the provincial Nomination class. The Nomination is valid for six months. 


    What is the Express Entry BC stream?

    The federal Express Entry immigration system is for skilled applicants who can relocate through any of the three streams –

    ·        Federal Skilled Worker Program.

    ·        Federal Skilled Trades Program

    ·        Canadian Experience Class

     It is a point-based immigration system in which the applicants are scored on the basis of age, work experience, education qualification, and language proficiency in English or French. It is the highest-scoring applicants who are selected.


    Any of the applicants who could not immigrate through the Express entry Program they can choose to relocate through the provincial Nominee Program. The applicants can receive an additional 600 points under the CRS if they are nominated by a Province. Even during the pandemic, The PNP has continues to operate in the pandemic times. Looking ahead, the government has set the ambitious target of 80800, and it is expected to meet these targets in the coming few months.

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