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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration pilot program is an employer-driven program for Immigration in which the employer can choose the suitable young and skilled applicants for Immigration.

AIPP provides a pathway to Permanent Residency(PR) aspirants provided that they have a job offer in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. The provinces are – Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Before applying for Permanent residency, candidates require a work permit to work legally in Canada.

It is because of the successful run of the program that it was extended for two years in march 2019. Now, the program is authorized to run till 2021. There are three streams in the AIPP program, and all of them have their own basis for the selection of applicants. The AIPP streams are –

  • The International graduate program
  • The High skilled worker's program
  • The Intermediate skilled worker Program


For the selection in any of the three categories, the candidate will have to clear the educational qualification requirement and the language test score. The language test score requirement in the High Skilled Worker category and Intermediate skilled worker categories is very low, and CLB 4 only. Since the program aims to help the employers get the help they need as soon as they can, the skilled candidate's Immigration is very fast, and in some cases, it has taken as little time as possible, i.e., Six months. Fast processing is part of the reason why AIPP has gained so much importance over the years. Also, the candidate also has the right to move to another province after filing some paperwork and staying in the designated province for some time.

What are the eligibility requirements for Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIPP) Program?

Unless the eligibility requirements are met the candidate cannot migrate to Canada. The following are the requirements for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program.

  • The candidate should have an education matching up to the Canadian High school diploma
  • The NOC skill Type accepted for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) program is NOC "C."
  • The minimum language score requirements for migration in the region is CLB 4
  • The work experience of the candidate should be in management, professional or skilled occupation.
  • The minimum language skills in either English or French language
  • The candidate should have enough funds to settle in the country.
  • The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is a must requirement in all the subcategories of selection


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